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Touhou Fan Art - Gengetsu by BoomerBro
Touhou Fan Art - Gengetsu
I experimented with a new drawing style in this one; I think I might stick with it because I am very happy with how this picture turned out.

This is Gengetsu, the second extra stage boss in Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story.  She is quite infamous for being one of the hardest boss fights in the series (even the creator himself agrees).  One thing that she is often remembered for is her seemingly impossible bullet pattern at the end, known by fans as "Gengetsu Rape Time" (…).

Gengetsu from Touhou Project is property of Team Shanghai Alice.
Touhou Fan Art - Hina Kagiyama by BoomerBro
Touhou Fan Art - Hina Kagiyama
I did quite a bit of experimentation with this one, I think that it turned out decently for a first.  It would appear that I have much to learn when it comes to foreshortening (which is actually one of my favourite drawing perspectives).

This is Hina Kagiyama, the goddess of misfortune.  She is the second stage boss in Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith.  I don't know what it is about her, but I have found myself rather attracted to her character since the first time I played MoF.  Something that I find interesting about her personally is how she actually a more friendly and caring personality, despite her abilities.  I wanted to represent the "spin, Hina, spin..." meme, hence I try to draw her in a position where it looks like she is spinning.  She also does this during the use of her spellcards, making it all the more fitting.

Hina Kagiyama from Touhou Project is property of Team Shanghai Alice.
Touhou Fan Art - Yuuka Kazami by BoomerBro
Touhou Fan Art - Yuuka Kazami
Definitely my favourite picture that I drew so far.  This only took me around 2 days and it's one of my best drawings to date.

This character is Yuuka Kazami, the final boss of Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story.  She is one of the most powerful and dangerous youkai in the series with a very sadistic side, which is obscured by her being well mannered.  She enjoys spending her time in areas full of flowers, and so I decided to draw her in this particular position.  I personally find it fitting.

Yuuka Kazami from Touhou Project is property of Team Shanghai Alice.
Character Drawing - Justice Hikari by BoomerBro
Character Drawing - Justice Hikari
At last, I get to post a picture of a character from the story that I am planning.  This is Justice Hikari, a fox youkai with the power of manipulating energy waves.  She is a playful character who also has a sadistic side due to her past.  That is about all I am willing to divulge at the moment.

When it comes to drawings, I am currently learning to draw characters in more loose poses that portray movement.  This particular one does not show much, but it is a start.
Touhou Fan Art - Rin 'Orin' Kaenbyou by BoomerBro
Touhou Fan Art - Rin 'Orin' Kaenbyou
It has been a while since I took interesting in drawing again.  After getting inspired by animators and manga artists, I have recently started to practise drawing once again.  I am very much impressed with my progress as of late, and you can definitely expect more from me in the future.

This character is Rin Kaenbyou, or "Orin" as she likes to go by.  She is the fifth stage boss from Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism, her main abilities being that she can carry away and control spirits that were sealed in Hell.  As such, I found it fitting to draw her in this menacing position.

Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou from Touhou Project is property of Team Shanghai Alice.
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    It has been at least one day since the encounter with that assassin.  Rin Hayashi, the current mistress of Hayashi Manor, seemed more than a match for the girl.  She was still however a formidable foe who could undoubtedly become more dangerous in the future.  “*sigh* Ren always was kind of a problem child, I suppose it would make sense that she bring such a negative reputation toward the Hayashi clan.  But for it to be bad enough to the point where someone would target us directly…” pondered Rin as she walked through the forest with her personal maid, Narumi.  “I apologize for giving my 2 cents, but the Hayashi clan is one of the most powerful noble families.  Its poor reputation is inevitable, no matter how you look at it.  Having been in their shoes in the past, it is kind of easy for me to sympathize,” she said in response.  “Nonetheless, I am truly grateful for you taking me in.  That is why I serve you in the end…”


    Upon hearing that bit of reassurance, Rin came to a quick halt.  “Narumi,” Rin spoke finally, “as the head servant, could you perhaps go tend to the mansion while I search for Ren alone?  She most likely has felt really hostile lately being forced to hold her own.  As sisters, I wish to allow for a nice reunion,” Rin assumed her usual childish, yet elegant demeanor as she sent Narumi back.  Finding out about her family being targeted has left her feeling rather uneasy, and Narumi was Rin’s most trusted and capable companion.  She acted essentially as the “second-in-command” whenever Rin was unavailable.  “As you wish, milady…” Narumi responds as she returns with her teleportation spell.  Her incredible talent as a mage was what Rin counted on to hopefully defend the mansion from “uninvited guests”.


    Rin was now left to roam the forest alone.  Constantly deep in thought, she would visualize scenarios upon finally reuniting with her twin sister.  She also wondered in anticipation just what kind of person Ren had become, it was almost frightening in a sense.  Despite what it seemed like, Rin was not wandering completely aimlessly.  She had the gift of sensing one’s presence from their body heat, as well using the logic of their poor reputation to figure that Ren would not be able to find shelter easily, as unfortunate as it sounded.  As she wandered, a strange force was suddenly felt and Rin was stopped in her tracks.  It moved very swiftly, seeming to match the speed of light.  Rin was only able to detect it through her heat-sensing ability, such detection fading as the odd figure disappeared into the darkness.  Based on the direction in which that strange force was felt, Rin pressed on to what she assumed was where the figure was headed, hoping that it lead her to Ren.


    As she pressed on, Rin took sight of what appeared to be a body lying on the ground.  She then moved in closer for further investigation.  He appeared to have been another assassin, though not in affiliation with the girl she met before.  His skin was pale, and his eyes looked very lifeless; a lying position not unlike that of a worn out doll, he was clearly dead.  It however appeared odd to Rin as the only sign of injury was a single stab wound on his arm.  Though a serious condition, definitely not fatal; his death looked more as if he was poisoned.

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